We are The Triple Weenies and are three long haired miniature dachshunds; Cookie, Biscuit and Smudge. We live in the beautiful English countryside.


Birthday: 19th May 2016

Likes: Smooshing, destroying toys and kisses.

Nickname: Bellyman

Colour: Cream

Cookie is my dog and was a graduation present last year. After waiting 22 years to have my own pooch and looking extensively into different breeds I finally found my own little smoosh nugget. He is super affectionate and loyal and loves a cuddle! He is unsure of other pooches but loves a walk with his friends Benji and Jed.


Birthday: 19th May 2016

Likes: Balls, Paper, Anything that isn’t his.

Nickname: Bisquit

Colour: Black & Cream

Biscuit is Cookie’s litter mate and my mum’s dog. He was a complete surprise to her last year and she seriously hasn’t looked back since! He has a big attitude but loves to run about with Cookie and Smudge and make sure he is the first person everyone greets when they walk in the door.


Birthday: 16th October 2016

Likes: Kisses, belly scratches and food!

Nickname: Baron

Colour: Brindled Cream

Smudge is the latest addition to the family and is my Dads dog. After getting Cookie and Biscuit Dad got jealous and wanted his own companion which has ended up doing the world of good! He is super loving and gives as many kisses as you let him!