Another Dachshund?!


I am writing this on the 3rd July 2017. You will not be reading this however until the 1st August. There is a reason behind this. Yesterday we went to see a puppy…




So basically we have been having trouble with leaving Cookie in his crate if we pop to the shops or out to dinner. He is however fine when we leave him with Biscuit and Smudge at my mums and he loves having playmates. So we decided after seeing a puppy on a Facebook Group that we would go visit him and potentially get him as a playmate for Cookie. Well that was yesterday and we decided to get him, his name is Waffle to fit in with the sweet food theme. We may be mad but I can’t wait to get him on the 31st July so for you we got him yesterday! He is currently 4 weeks old so we have to wait!



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