Three Dogs?!

Today I thought I would share with you this gorgeous photograph of Cookie the day that we went to pick him up…


He was so small and was an angel in the car home! Look at those little paws!!! My god he makes my heart melt.

So if you have arrived on this page you have probably figured out by the name that we have 3 of these adorable puppies! Now how did that happen? Well I thought I would tell you the story about how these cuties came into my life!

I’ve wanted a dog since I was very young but with Dad not particularly liking dogs and me still being a child I was told no. However this time last year I was finishing university and even though I was moving back to my parents house, the fact that I had volunteered dog walking back in Canterbury convinced my Dad that I was responsible enough to own a puppy. So I started researching into what breed would be the best for me and how I go about getting a puppy. He then text me asking if I thought my Mum would also like a puppy. Knowing that she used to have a dog back in her twenties I said that I thought she would so when I started looking into breeders for Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds I reserved two. We found a KC Breeder in Essex and we had gone on the reserved list for 2 females puppies that were going to be born July time.

Unfortunately the bitch hadn’t come into season yet and therefore we were playing a waiting game. I remember ringing the breeder in mid July last year and her explaining that the bitch that we had reserved had only just come into season. She also asked however if I had seen on her Facebook the litter of puppies she currently has. She explained they were a little older at 10 weeks but due to her hurting her foot and their mother rejecting them she hadn’t had time to register or advertise them yet. This was the image I saw:


Now my initial dream was to have a shaded cream dachshund but I couldn’t find a breeder anywhere that had a litter so when I saw the pure creams I thought I had hit the jackpot! He was so beautiful I just couldn’t say no, there was no thought about price I just had to have him! She explained that there was one cream available and then the black and cream as she was keeping the other cream for herself. She explained that the cream had a kinky tail so I wouldn’t be able to show him and that he got the tail kink when she had to intervene in labour.

I rang my Dad straight away and we discussed talking to my Mum about it when I got home as it was late and night and I had been with friends. When I got home we explained about the little cream boy to my Mum, she knew that I was getting one so it wasn’t that much of a shock but we then explained that we were going to get his brother too for her and that did shock her! We were to go down that Friday to see them and if we liked them then we could take them there and then.

Lets be honest there was no situation where I would have left those gorgeous puppies there. We had lots of snuggles when we got there and were given information into how to properly look after a dachshund.

Then I decided to research online about getting two puppies, litter mates and how to deal with them. I have to say it wasn’t positive however up and till now we have had no major issues. Now they do fight but it’s play fighting, we did have a period of around a month where they got really touchy with each other (about 10 months old) and they had a few scraps then but we were quick to intercept and it was clear that they still loved each other as there were instantly back snuggling up together afterwards. Training is great as long as you make sure that they also spend time apart, I have since moved out of my family home and took Cookie with me so from the beginning he slept with me and Biscuit slept with my parents.


So that is how we got Cookie and Biscuit, what about Smudge?

Dad fell in love with Cookie and Biscuit shortly after getting them. He has NEVER been a dog person, he was going through a rough time mentally and getting these two trouble makers allowed him to take his mind off it and enjoy the time with the pups. He loved playing with them and even took them for walks!

It was getting close to Christmas and even though I had already got him gifts I was talking to Mum about getting him a puppy he following Christmas. I thought that it would be good for him to have his own puppy to snuggle in the evenings and take comfort in. This was then what I found whilst browsing Pets4Homes online:


I was initially looking for a long haired dapple as my Dad had took interest in them however, this little guy came up instead. He is a brindled cream boy who was an only pup. I showed Dad the picture and he instantly said that he would call him Smudge. I knew from this moment on that we had to get him, so that Sunday we went to visit him at 6 weeks old. Two weeks later my parents picked him up.

We did some research into how to introduce them as Cookie and Biscuit were only 6 months old at the time and online it said again don’t do it it’s a mistake etc. However again we made sure we were careful, when they met Biscuit and Cookie were both on leads and although they barked loads eventually they settled down and Cookie was the first to befriend the little guy, although Smudge held his own that’s for sure. Since then we have had no issues again with them all together they share water, food, toys and love to Zoomie.


And that is how the Triple Weenies were born. We now have three beautiful little sausages that are the most loving snuggliest dogs on the planet! Here are some more photos just to go ‘Awwww’ at:


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