Happy First Birthday Biscuit & Cookie!

I can’t believe that I am actually saying this but my little boy turned 1 on Friday! Where did that time go? This time last year he was a newborn puppy and being hand fed by his breeder. Cookie and Biscuit our litter mates and they have one other brother called Henry who the breeder kept. Cookie was actually discounted when we got him because the breeder had to get involved in the birth and Cookie’s tail ended up slightly wonky at the base. It hasn’t affected him in anyway and in my opinion just makes him cuter!

We have had a lot of ups and downs with training but I finally feel that we are getting there, all thanks to Jackador Training in Towcester. I seriously can’t imagine my life without Cookie now and he is the smooshiest puppy in the world!

Heres to the many years with my gorgeous boy and all the adventures to come!

Happy Birthday Baby!

Have a look at the first couple of photos of them to photographs on their birthday!

Cookie 11 weeks old Biscuit puppy - 11 weeks old

Biscuit - 1 Year Cookie 1 Year Cookie's Sheep Sausage card! Happy Birthday Cookie! Cookie's Birthday

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