Water Meadows Walk – Towcester, Northants

When it comes to exercise Cookie loves his walks. I try to vary them as much as possible just so he doesn’t get bored on them and has all sorts to sniff. The Water Meadows in Towcester is one of my favourite.

The Water Meadows lies behind the Bury Mount and St Lawrence Church in the centre of Towcester just a short walk from Watling Street. The Water Meadows forms part of the floodplain of the River Tove and is surrounded by the Tove, Mill Stream and Silverstone Brook.

Water Meadows

The area is absolutely beautiful and the walk is easy and stunning. Lots of other dog walkers use the Water Meadows so it can get quite busy, I’m always cautious as Cookie doesn’t particularly like other dogs unless we are walking with them so he is always on a leash, but a lot of walkers obviously let theirs off.

Cookie loves it because there are lots of things for him to sniff and explore. This is one of his favourite walks. He also loves the long grass to run in and jump around whilst chasing me. The only downside to this walk is currently some dog owners. Although there are bins at either entrance, people still decide not to pick up their dogs poo which lets this walk down.

I am really looking forward to the Summer months of this walk as the back of Towcester Mill Brewery in directly next to the Mill stream which means after a puppy walk we could grab a lovely cold beverage from there and sit admiring the view!

Overall walk score:★★★★

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